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This could lead to an Anti-HIV drug resistant to mutations!


blondbeauty: ::)

It just gives me so much hope when I read articles like this.

I wonder what kind of drugs would work to bind to PIP2, and what level of toxicity they would have?

I sent the staff at HHMI an email asking for any other information they might have on this. I also read on Dr. Summer's bio that he identified a new class of compounds that inhibit a key protein involved in the transformation of HIV into its mature form. Let's hope all this leads to great things! J.

Okay I've learned that the people behind this discovery are already working on a possible deal with a pharmaceutical company to develop this. They have preliminarly identified a substance that seems to inhibit PIP2, the chemical signpost that hiv uses to attach to cellular membranes.

If this works, we are looking at a drug that would effectively block hiv from infecting cells, and not be subject to resistance issues. Fingers crossed.


Thats great news. But we have to be realistic. If this substance works it is still 10 years far in time.


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