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HIVworker and J220 what do you guys think about this?

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Here something that was proven to work very well for Neuropathy as well as flush out reservoirs.

Before replying, are you affiliated with either Rapid Pharmaceuticals or TINM?

Hi J220,
No I am not.
I am just another guy who thinks he has recently got this diabolic virus. I couldn't help but frantically dig all over internet for possibilities of a cure.
By the way thanks for your supernatural optimism about "hitting the bulls eye one day" regarding HIV.
Be well!


--- Quote from: T79 on July 30, 2006, 11:55:23 am ---Hi J220,
No I am not.
I am just another guy who thinks he has recently got this diabolic virus. T

--- End quote ---


If you aren't diagnosed as hiv positive, or here because of a lover, friend or family member is hiv positive, you should not be posting in any forum aside from the Am I Infected or Off Topic forums.

Please read the Welcome Thread

These forums are not a social club. They exist to provide support for those of us who live with hiv.


Their PDF makes some bold claims - but then it would wouldn't it? I guess I remain hopeful that this therapy actually would help with HIV, although alone it doesn't impact the viral load as well as HAART does. Their work has been spread over a couple of decades and it almost seems as an afterthought that they went back and looked at their data regarding viral pools. I think the statement that they have proved the compound works against resistant reservoirs is bold to say the least. I don't think this PDF advert for their compound proves anything. I will look in more detail at their claims though that are published in peer review papers. There could be hope that the peptide can clear some of the persistant pools but I am curious as to why these pools returned after discontinuation of therapy. Surely if the pools are drained as they say they would be unlikely to return. We have also got no idea who this patient is or what sort of HIV infection they have.

I'll let you know.


Edit : Some scientific content changed.


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