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Gates push to speed up HIV vaccine work.

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More money and a big name is always good.

I  am not clear, are these research paths for a preventive vaccine only, or do they also include a theraputic vaccine? I read them over briefly but since medicine is not my specifc field of expertise I am not sure if the things they were talking about were for preventive or therepeutic use.

Still, this is very encouraging, not only from the funding standpoint, but from the collaborative approach. Fingers crossed! J.

Well J 

I don't want to get myself in trouble here so let me preclude this statement by saying i only have a very limited knowledge of the Gates foundation's donation.

I believe that what the foundation is attempting to do is create a good collaborative effort between many leading scientists in the field.  Rather than small groups working against each other and possibly wasting time and money, they will fund many groups to work together, freely share information and hopefully speed progress toward vaccine development.

Again don't quote me, but I think the intent here is to develop capable of neutralizing the virus.  Whether or not this vaccine will work in people who are already infected is all dependent on the specific design of the vaccine.  IE) is it simply preventing HIV from getting into cells or is it able to elicit a strong humoral and cellular response to the virus and viral infected cells such that the body would be capable of clearing the infection. 

In any case I think its a step in the right direction and should bring about useful new information!

That is the correct way to discuss something where you are providing an informed best guess. I appreciate you doing that.

Thank you.


My field of expertise: "I appreciate your doing that." Gerund, almost always, requires the possessive. It's certainly my preference, though of course there are instances when insisting on the rule does violence to the language.  ::) Jay


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