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UCSF Lipodystrophy Studies


If anyone is located in the San Francisco area and is interested in participating in studies related to lipodystrophy, there are two studies currently recruiting volunteers.  One is a study of leptin and the other is a study of IGF1.  Potential participants will have to be screened for both studies, and both will require a fairly substantial time commitment.  As I understand it, participants will have three separate five-day hospital stays (at least for the leptin study) at months 1, 3, and 6.

If folks are interested, I can provide contact information.


Hello Bobino:

   I am interested.  Previously I contacted these people and was told that you had to have a dexascan and a bunch of x-rays.  I didn't want the radiation exposure and shunned the study.  However, I would like some contact information for the study as well as the name of the company that is doing their laboratory work for Blood Serum Leptin.



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