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Clinical Trial NCT00317291 Phase 2 (re: peripheral neuropathy)


Hi everyone! I have an NIH question.

When can I access the conclusions of a clinical trial? ??? The one I'm talking about is NCT00317291. Seems like it's in Phase 2  (I'm not familiar with NIH protocol at this point so I just surmise 'til I learn more) Anyway this trial's focus is on PN and acu/moxa. Those of you who know what I'm "about" know I did a happy dance when I read this ... It's happy dance time whenever the NIH joins forces with the holistic sages of the world to help humanity (in my carrot juice drinking, frisee eating opinion! LOL)  :D

This is the trial link:

Thank you!  8)


Hey Alex

As far as I know you generally won't hear the results of the clinical trial until it is published in some scientific journal and many times if the study is small and unsuccesful the investigators may choose not to publish it. You can always try emailing the persons conducting the study for information.  Good scientists are generally happy to share their results, good or bad.

Here's an NIH link that directly addreses your question. Hope that helps, good luck.

thanks scienceguy - i hope they find enough participants for phase 3 (i wouldn't be surprised if they had a hard time finding people :()

i think it's probably best if i contact the university people directly



Sounds like an interesting study.  The medical center I work in actually just created a big collaboration with some well known Chinese "eastern" medicine practicioners to investigate enhanced combinations of eastern and western medicine in fighting various diseases and improving quality of life.

I don't know much about the study you reference but it is very expensive to go to phase III clinical testing so there phase II results will have to show that their new treatment looks to be very promising in terms of efficacy and is safe.  (though its accupuncture so i don't think safety is much of a concern) They just need to show that this treatment really provides some benefit.  Still I think it's important to remember even if it doesn't move beyond phase III testing that doesn't mean it's all bogus.  People over here are still quite resistant to accept non-western medical techniques and many times proponents of change have a tough time getting the money etc. to complete the kinds of major studies needed for a therapy to be accepted.


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