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A Study to Evaluate CJC1295 in HIV Patients With Visceral Obesity


The Canuck:
Hello everyone,

I am participating into this study and thought it might be of interest for some of you. When Kaletra became part of my regimen I started to have cholesterol problems ( way too high ) and within 8 months gained about 20-25 pounds, where a lot of it was located in the abdominal part of my body. When switching to Reyataz / Norvir my cholesterol went back to normal but unfortunately my abdominal fat remained.

We were told there wouldn't be any significant changes before weeks #6. No one on this study at my clinic noticed any improvements at week #6 either. It was actually my case too and received the number #8 shot this past Wednesday.

One guy had a dramatic ( meant in a nice way ) decrease of his abdominal fat between week #7 & 8. In my case , it looks like change are appearing as well. I noticed some fats is going away in that region and confident the next few weeks will show even more noticeable change.

Unfortunately I was the only one at my clinic who had the worst side effects. The worst being a change in my humour ( bad mood ) and my feet/hands were getting swollen a little ( uncomfortable ). However it was possible to diminish the dose every week if desired for avoiding side effects. I did this two times and things went back to normal including my normal humour ( good mood ).

I still have 4-5 weeks to go into this study and will keep you posted at the end for the results.


The Canuck


Interesting, I hadn't heard anything about this.

Thanks for the info, I'll be curious to hear about your updates.


(Who would actually like to gain weight, but like Canuck is carrying a paunch he hates!)

I will be awaiting any encouraging word as well. I have developed an untenable amount of abdominal/breast obesity over the several years of being on the Viramune/Trizivir combo. It really has become quite distressing for me, and is causing physical problems as well.
I would like to participate in such a trial.

The Canuck:
Hi y'all !

Last week I received my 11th injection out of 12. The results are far from being spectacular but felt I still had some results since I don't feel anymore like having ate for three after only one sandwich by example, which was the case before I entered into this study.

I'll never get the injection #12 though. I received a phone call this morning telling me the study was halted. Indeed an Argentinian died a few hours after his 11th injection ( lucky me I had that one too  >:( ), but since I had it last Wednesday it sounds like I'll make it.  ;)

They aren't sure if his death is related to the study but in such cases it had to be halted.


The Canuck


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