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Title: Fatburners and Genvoya
Post by: CountryMan256 on April 28, 2019, 03:25:14 pm
Sup everyone, Iím a 36 yr old gym-active male.  Prior to starting my meds 9 months ago, I still held on to my almost high school body.  174lbs 5í10 hardcore gym rat but after staring my meds my weight has jumped tremendously, now Iím like 216 lbs and itís crazy because I can usually bounce back but this new lifestyle has taken me by storm....now Iím like wtf !! I went to the doc for my check up and the nurse says, ď now youíre health ď and in the back of my head Iím like hell no...this weight isnít the way for me.  Can some one please give me so Real pointers on maybe fatburning supplements or if any quick tricks to get me back on track because Iím almost out of options.  Imma prior vet and athlete so Iím open lol thanks peeps, Iím out !
Title: Re: Fatburners and Genvoya
Post by: terrymoore on May 12, 2019, 03:39:06 am
Hi COuntryMan256,
Firstly, i`m also active and fit and do various sports/activities - wrestling, weights, running etc.
So, i`m guessing if someone came to you (me) before this happened to you and asked you the same question that you would probably tell them to 1. Watch what they eat (90% of the solution) 2. Do exercise that burn calories and 3. There are no (healthy!) short cuts!


Having said that...i found myself in your predicament. I have found a short term solution but not sure it will really help for the long term unless i choose to adopt this lifestyle. I am referring to going "keto". I started a keto diet around 2 months ago and dropped 25 pounds. I eat as much as i want especially burgers and cheese and bacon and yet i drop weight. it is really weird. Another thing is i lost so many bad issues i had like heartburn, insomnia, gas, cravings...all gone.

I must warn you, it is a hard start. I had low energy and the "keto flu" at first. Eventually though i got through that and have much more energy than i ever had before. ALso, i am not really hungry anymore. I can easily go all day on one meal but i force myself to eat at least twice a day (once for my meds).So, without going into keto too much, the bottom line is mu biggest loss of weight happened within two first weeks - around 10-15 lbs. i read that most of the lost is water in the liver that is used during ketosis. Remember to drink TONS of water.

I DO miss beer and Pizza. i do NOT miss the bloating and heartburn that came afterwards LOL.
In any case, i would stay away from any wight loss pill. Mostly they are some sort of speed and cannot be good for you.
Take care!
Title: Re: Fatburners and Genvoya
Post by: CountryMan256 on May 13, 2019, 05:36:09 am
Thanks Bro !!