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Sandra Russell


A short time after I moved back to SC in 2010, I started volunteering with my HIV clinic and met Sandra Russell who immediately made herself my new best friend. For a decade, Sandy and I worked so many health fair events and did so much HIV legislative advocacy. We laughed so much, had the most fun together, hassled a lot of State legislators, and passed out a zillion condoms. Unfortunately, Sandy and I stopped volunteering together as I switched to a different clinic and she began to have health issues, but still staying in touch this past 7 yrs through facebook,

Earlier today, facebook showed me a picture where Sandy, I and our good friend and fellow volunteer Keith were working a table at a health fair. Sadly, Keith passed away about a decade ago. Then this evening, facebook showed me that sad news that Sandy has passed away.

Sandy was one of the nicest people I've met in years. As a woman living with HIV, she was a vocal advocate who willing did the hard work of community outreach. She will be sorely missed by her two sons, the many lives she touched... and me. Love ya Sandy, RIP.

Sending a virtual hug to you Michael. May your friend rest in peace ❤️

Jim Allen:
Sorry to hear you lost a friend. Hugs.


      ojo.        Sorry for your loss. Hugs.


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