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Lonely. Took a chance and hurt once again. Need help!


Hi everyone. I've been hiv + for 23 years. My partner infected me and as soon as he got his diagnosis he never touched me again, with no explanation. So we've lived like that for all these years. It took me a long time to get used to no love and affection, until a few weeks ago. I met this guy from the hood and we were attracted to each other. I told him about my hiv but he wanted to hook up anyway. So we did. To make a long story short, it was good for me but not so much for him. That would have been ok, not many guys would have even touched me. But instead of telling me, he just stopped seeing me but kept texting, hoping I would get the hint and disappear. Yesterday I bumped into him and let him have it. Why do people lie so much??? He said he was sorry and shrugged his shoulders. I ask again... Why can't people tell the truth??? 😥😥 It hurts so much...

Jim Allen:
As Mod I'm just posting to say Hallo so you don't feel like we're ignoring you.

This section of the forums is very quiet as most of our forum members are men. Now it's your choice of course, but if want I can move this post to a more active section of the forums like "Living with HIV"?

Anyhow, sorry to hear that dating this guy didn't work out. Rejection happens, still sucks though, wishing you the best and hopefully, things work out better next time.

Best, Jim.

Hi I'm a man looking for a woman. I can't find anyone who is +. How do I do it? I'm in Indianapolis.

Jim Allen:
@ Driver2023

Welcome to the forums.

Regarding dating, this isn't a dating site, and this section of the forum is for women, not men.

However, there is nothing against forum members dating, but as you are new here, could you please not post in the women's section and post an introduction thread either in the "Just tested positive" or the "Living with HIV forum" to let us know a bit more about you, such as how long you have been living with HIV,  how you are doing, how the treatment is going, etc, etc, etc.

It is standard for new forum members to introduce themselves. Thanks

There is also poz personals for dating:


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