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Hello to all, I'm Crissy, diagnosed 2013, everyday a blessing, in the beginning was a challenge, now its becoming easier for me to deal. As of now, my goal is to meet and support people and enjoy life and share experiences, we still here my fellow friends 💗💗. Im new to site, my 1st time writing, anyone interested in messaging, or conversing, immm hereeee 😊😄

Hi there. I would love to have some friends I could talk to. I realize it's been years since you posted but just thought I'd try to reach out..

can we  share pics and talk

Jim Allen:
Hiya, and welcome to the forums.

I removed the email address from your post as this is a publicly visible forum.

As you are new here, please post an introduction thread either in the "Just tested positive" or the "Living with HIV forum" to let us know a bit more about you, such as how long you have been living with HIV,  how you are doing, how the treatment is going, etc.

It is standard for new forum members to introduce themselves. Thanks


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