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Welcome to the Positive Women Forum!


POZ Forum Moderators:
Welcome to the Positive Women Forum!
This forum is a safe, intimate place where HIV positive women can come to discuss issues that women deal with as part of being HIV positive. As many of these issues are of a sensitive nature, we ask that men do not post in this forum. (Thank you for your cooperation, men!)

We hope that women utilize this space for all those subjects they may not feel entirely comfortable bringing up in the other sections of the Forums. You can raise the issue of menstrual problems (without the risk of PMS jokes made at your expense), gynecologic issues, and any aspect of women's bodies and health. It's the place to talk about positive motherhood, dating, keeping your relationship hot or anything and everything else! This is the place to feel safe with any sensitive subject.

For further information on the POZ forums, including posting guidelines, please visit the Welcome Thread found in the Living with HIV forum.


Thank you for starting this forum. I think it will be very helpful.


I am so happy for this forum.  Thank you!!


We don't normally have replies to the Welcome threads... I forgot to lock it!

But thanks for your input ladies, glad you're happy with the new forum.



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