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Winter is upon us.. so what's your Go To comfort food and preferably healthy??


Hey y'all!

Just wondering what everyone's Go To food for winter is?  I'm also trying to think healthy or at least sorta healthy.

We're usually a tamales and chili house with the occasional chicken-n-dumplings.  I also try to add extra veggies or some turmeric and some extra veggies to try and spruce up the healthiness.

Share your though??

Bubba hugs!

Winter?!? No, no, no. We're past the Solstice and Spring is coming!  ;D

However, when we were in a cold snap last week, I whipped up a pot of chili. MMM ;D Our other go-to meals during the cold weather are meatloaf or veggie soup. I keep a container in the freezer where I dump leftover veggies after our meals. Add some stock, tomato juice, fresh veggies and some meat - presto! Veggie soup.

You both are making me sooooo hungry. Im a vegetarian but Id have to say my fave comfort food is Veggie Lasagna. I make a nice bechamel sauce, saute whatever veg I have in the fridge, and top with panko. All it needs is a crusty bread on the side!

I hope spring comes soon Im already over Winter here in Boston!


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