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I did a thing today - New car


Well this past week has been an adventure with my car breaking down, told I need a new transmission, and after they gave me a quote I decided to part ways and get a new car. 

Well I ended up getting a 2024 Chevy Equinox with just 61 miles on.

It's also sad that I couldn't justify buying used based on price, miles and no warranty so I went new.  I went about $5k over what I wanted to spend but it will be well worth it. 

Wow I love the color Kent! Great pick… the inside of that model is stunning! Now you just need to plan your first road trip 🤔

vroom vroom!  8)  :D


      ojo.          Congratulations!!…
Driving is what I missed the most. I haven’t driven since the year 2000. My last car was a cougar, mercury cougar. Ever since I lost my vision, I also lost my independence and I think he is the worse thing that can happen to anyone.being dependent and someone else to take you whatever you need to take it self frustrating but, it is what it is. Life goes on…. again, congratulations.zzzhugs

Nice, is it EV ?


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