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Felice Navidad, happy holidays

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2023 was a big year, tears, rage, sadness and finally some peace.
I'm hopeful that 2024 is a prosperous year of good health and hopefully some new love life.

I wish you all a happy holiday season and all the best for 2024.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy 2024 to you!

So many personal "holidays" for me during a 2 month period here around the holidays. 7 years married and 5 years owning our home; what could have been either my 39th anniversary with my first partner or the 23rd anniversary with my second partner; 39 years living with HIV and 31 years since I was dx'ed.

I threw a Christmas cut-out cookie decorating party with a bunch of friends yesterday and we're all trying to figure out who's going where to be with who on Christmas. Then we'll be done with 2023 and heading on into a whole new year. Woot!


           ojo.           Hi all!…I think I’m the Grinch, I don’t like Christmas, because I think that the whole year should be Christmas, helping each other, sharing food with the less fortunate, etczx etc. Whath say you?… anyway. Feliz Navidad, happy holidays…hugs

Jim Allen:
I hope you are all having a happy holiday.

So far, I've told the kids a half dozen times since 5 am to "Go the fuck, back to sleep!"  >:(  Afterwards, I had breakfast, and they opened gifts and destroyed my clean and tidy house. I have already stood on parts of toys left scattered around ...

... Anyhow, started cleaning now before working on Xmas dinner.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and begin 2024 feeling hopeful about the possibilities for a fantastic year ahead.(especially you Harley)

For me, I successfully evaded all the family invites and plan to watch my church’s service from yesterday and then be lazy with a few of my fave British holiday specials. Santa (or more likely my landlord) left a bottle of Mount Gay rum on my doorstep so my eggnog will certainly be spiked! Cheers


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