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Fairytale of New York (Britain’s fave Christmas song)


I keep up with all of the pop culture from across the pond, and since the Pogues singer Shane Macgowan just passed (RIP) I learned that his hit song was named the Nation’s fave Holiday classic.  I just listened… and wow… American Christmas tunes need more drunk tank references for sure!

--- Quote --- is 1987 masterpiece Fairytale of New York embraced all those subjects at once.

A track about that seems to be about drunks slinging insults at each other, with the least festive lyrics in history (“You scumbag, you maggot”) somehow resolves itself into a Christmas love song that still makes people cry.

It has rocketed back into the Top 20 every December since 2005, and in 2012 was voted the nation’s favourite Christmas song of all time.
--- End quote ---


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