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I've had a horrible flu-ey cold for the last week so not managed to watch much that requires any thought, so have been binge watching the 'Catfish TV show' on the Sky TV Now on-demand thingy.

That said, I also found the 'vice' channel on there, and I love their output - so as well as watching the 'Countdown to Zero', watched a few documentaries about sources of  psychedelic drugs in South America, and one where a bloke was trying to get high by taking Atripla and something moaning about the lack of Lesbian bars in the US :)

   The wifey and I have recently started watching the series Stranger Things on Netflix.   I have a lot of catching up to do, they have so many shows to watch now.

Jim Allen:
Just watched season 1 of the rain (Danish, but Netflix have it in English as well)
Not unique as such, post apocalyptic but entertaining


Jim Allen:
Tonight on Netflix watching:
Arrested development
- Season 5 the 8 new episodes released, ill binge watch them.

HAPPY - With Christopher Meloni
- Season 1 have to finish the last episode.

Anyone else watching or watched Happy?


the hundred .pretty good so far ..


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