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labwork, rain and bumper cars

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Well, today I went to get my quarterly labwork bloodsucking done...

I always hate this day.... but it could be worse.. it could be raining.

Ok.. it was worse... and it was raining.

On my way there on the highway... everything just stopped.... I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me.

Great!  Whew... Adrenaline rush, but no damage.... that is...

untill the bitch who wasn't paying attention slammed into the back of me.  ...and the first person who makes a crack about me being 'rear ended' is gonna get slapped.

luckily she was going slow, but the impact drove my car forward into the person in front of me... who promptly got out and said 'oh, my back hurts'.


we all exchanged information and i continued on to my labwork.

No damage was really done to any of the cars, but it was quite nerve-wracking all the same.   Of course, this all means i'm calling into work sick tomorrow because MY back hurts.

and it actually does.... i picked up some nuprin.. hey little, yellow and different is kinda kewl still...

I finished up my labs and stopped at my doctor's office to see if he could take me as a walk in... was wanting some xanax or something .... gawd... the labs will probably come back skewed because of the adrenaline (if they test for that)

came home and had a glass of wine and everything is better now... destressed and am cooking one of my favorite meals my mommy always made me... chicken & rice.

ugh... i know nothing serious happened luckily, but dammit, it's just extra stress I don't need.

I'm glad to hear that your OK.

Chicken & rice...mmmmm, one of my favorites.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend Bailey!

So sorry you had a stressful afternoon but so glad it wasnt more serious! Hope your back feels better soon.


As long as you are ok that's all that matters...I have been "rear ended" a few times and you always imagine it's going to be worse than it is.

Chicken and rice, that's a nice healthy meal and will go down better with a good glass of wine.

Hope you are feeling a little bit better about everything now..have a great weekend.

Jan :)

Glad your ok Dingo.


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