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Like A Virgin


Vote often! Winner to be determined later.

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hun,     it took two beers just to get my pants ON...

I dont suppose this will do....

Man, and I thought that the pics in my Myspace profile were hard to take.....this will require some more beer.
 an unfortunate side effect of alcohol with me is the tendancy to put things ON....Case In Point :

me at Carlos and Charlies in Aruba, Yes, the one where the girl was last seen, My boyfriend forced me to pose for this pic as punishment for dragging him to a Tourist Trap.

water duck:
after six pack , kindly add

just ask

Just dare Lwood, he'lll do it. He don't need any beer to do something that simple.  ;)

water duck:
Guess just got to give it to you, Rodney, you are always rapid and smell a rat a mile away


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