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One thing that I think would help the transition to the new forums concerns user names.  I've noticed a few people changed their user name.  It would be really helpful (to me, anyway) if those who changed their names would put their old names in their profile somewhere... maybe in the caption under the avatar.  Of course, some may prefer to start anonymously as a 'new' user.  Anyway, it's just a thought...


Yeah David,
I've been a little confused by some already. I think pakarata(Bill) changed his name to BB, but I'm not sure. There's another one, but it won't come to mind right now.
As you can see, I put my formerly known as, under my old avatar. I just don't have a decent pic of myself. I imagine after Montreal that will change though. Until then, I am ever,

Weasel Woman ;)

and we love weasel woman!   Now put on the spandex and gold armbands, jump in your invisible jet and come visit each and every one of us

Matty the Damned:
Matty the Damned was xdenizen in the old forums.



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