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Where have they all gone?

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No, I didn't ban them all.

Where have our WWs gone? I can't believe they've all suddenly gone shy on us!

What gives? Am I going to wake up in the morning to nine gazillion posts in the new AM I forum?

Please .... NOOOOOO!!!!


I was thinking the same thing...awfully quiet on the "fears" section tonight!

Matty the Damned:
And this is something to complain about? Let's enjoy the sanity while it lasts!

MtD ;D

Don't worry Ann.........They'll Be Back

I think it may be the new name "Am i Infected' seems like a more scarey place to post then 'fears" altho it is more to the point it also sounds more like a commitment to the train of thought.I know i took a minute to rationalize my fear before posting.


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