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forum moderator- now cloaked


there's a new member called 'AIDSmeds Forum Moderators' which is in fact a moderator with global powers.

Does this mean you have accepted/assigned some members to moderator duties.. much like bAnnn before she was outed as a moderator?

If so, I am all in favor of this because many times, the regular mods aren't online to deal with attacks and such.. especially late night.

I don't need or want names, but just wondering about this.. or is it perchance just a generic account for posting things like the new sticky thread in the 'am i' forum?

By 'eck Dingo, you're sooooo nosey!  :D

I created the AIDSmeds Forum Moderators account today - with Peter's permission, I might add - purely for the purpose of creating sticky, information-based threads. It enables us to present information as a team instead of individual moderators. And besides, I hated opening a forum and always seeing my name at the top because of a sticky thread.

This account will NOT be used for any purpose other than creating sticky threads. 


Sticky threads can be a turn-on! :o

ya can't get one past me ann.  ::)

I am a nosey bugger after all.... i learned from puppy that i can stick my nose into anything.... :o

As i suspected, it's just a generic account for stickies.... i only surmised that after the sticky thread was posted.

... but i'm still in favor of more mods for curtailing late night behavior... like attacks and such...

Sticky Thread, is that the same as Sticky Buns??? :P :P :P


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