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Farewell to the old

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iceburg ahead  :o   Kinda reminds me of the Titanic... we all knew that ship was going down, we just didn't know when.   And now we have our liferafts :)

Congrats Jan on being the first poster :) in the new living with forum!   

The Canuck:
Where is Celine Dion when we need her  ???

The Canuck
(Who won't sing it!)

Andy Velez:
Jan, how long has the sleeping problem been going on? What does your doctor say about it? You may have already gone through all of these possibilities for helping you to settle down,  but music? recorded story reading? Tea? Deep breathing/meditation? A movie on tv will often put me out, but I know for some that's a wake up.

Just wondering.....


The Canuck:

Are you taking sustiva ? Andy made a suggestion about music. Well Celine Dion would make you sleep like a baby...anything for not hearing her anymore means a very deep sleep.  :-X

The Canuck

Where am I ?


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