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Farewell to the old

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Hi all

So it's finally farewell to the old and time to welcome in the new, it's 7am here in NZ, and I've been up since 4.30 after yet another bad night..looks like I'm going to have to succumb and start those sleeping pills the Doc gave me.

I have spent the last hour looking through some of the posts in the "Old" forum hoping I can committ some of them to memory, it will be sad to see them finally go..but we all have to move with the times..some of the stuff here still confuses me...but at least I have mastered the GLOWY THING ;D.

I'm out for the day..I have my talk with the Meds students to day, I just hope I can stay awake long enough to answer their questions.

Hope you all have a good day.

Jan :-*

Doh I thought I was going to be first to post.

Ahh the old forum. She was a fine ship.

It's a first for me..I'm normally the last one on... :D

Have a great day.

Jan :)

I mastered the glowy thing too, with John's help of course. :D  That's what you need Jan, a John to help you figure out all the new fangled stuff. ;):D

Listen, if you're not sleeping well, you should take the pills.  You won't have to take them forever, just until to you get back into a normal sleep routine.  You need to get some sleep, so just do it.  There's nothing to worry about.  Try it for a few nights and see what happens.  I used to take them on occasion and found that once I was on track again, I wouldn't need them for a very long time.  I've even stock-piled the pills, just in case, ya know?  I hope you get some rest darling...sleep, Jan, sleep, sleeeeeep...

Love you

Trish :-*



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