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Signed up for HUD. Through HOPWA

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Got a call this morning and the lady on the other side said she was from HOPWA, "Housing Opportunities for People with Aids". I am now going to be put on a waiting list to get housing.

This was some much needed good news finally on my part. Just hope it does not take long to be approved.

 ;D  congrats!!

Good news Jerry...Your own place (sanctuary) that you put the key in the door would be a great blessing...Maybe others can chime in but I seem to recall a man in my support group told the case worker he wouldn't be happy with the first place he was shown and wound up with a much better apartment...I don't know if this would work in all places, the first place could be the best and perhaps the only option.  Good luck Jer and keep us posted.


Queen Tokelove:
Yay Jerry! I hope you get one soon. I know here in PA the list is long, it took me awhile to get housing but I hope things move faster for you. I took the first one they offered me and I must say I am happy with it. Just wondering, here my ASO will put you on a rental assistance program that will pay a portion of your rent while you wait on HUD. Does that happen there? I know things are different state by state. Even if you have a roommate they will still pay a portion...Might be something you wanna check into if you're not getting it already. That's just the beginning of good things to come, Jerry.

Good news Jerry...hang in there!


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