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Please help with my paranoid situation



I am male 26 yrs old,
I met a guy in dating app, we decided just to have oral fun and dry humps since it was first meet.

I am very paranoid over this situation(briefly explained below). Please help me.

Since he was stranger I did not agree for condom less blow job. So, I wore a condom and he gave me blow job. So next I thought of dry humping him.

Situation 1:
I did insert my dick between his thighs(with condoms), just below the buttocks region and started humping.
I told him to hold my tool with thighs tight.
After few humps I wanted to getup. Since he was holding my tool tightly between his thighs, condom remained attached to his body.
Situation 2:
I discarded condom from situation 1 and used new condom, again instead between his thighs , and started humping. This time he did make this thighs very tight and I heard pop sound .. then I saw condom ruptured..

Now my question is
1 . While doing these acts(considering condom attached to his body and popping)
what if I have entered his asshole unknowingly without condom and put myself into risk.

2. Both situations I verified my dick, it was near thighs only and asked him if I entered him or not multiple times , he said no I didnít..
But still I am worried since the area I inserted is just below the buttocks and balls. What if I had accidentally/unknowingly entered his hole and put myself at risk? Is it possible to accidentally slide into asshole when humping with dick between thighs ?

Please tell me if this situation poses any risk ? I am not able to concentrate on anything else.

HIV is transmitted via unprotected anal/vaginal sex or sharing injection needles.

Oral sex is NOT a risk. Frottage (rubbing off on someone else) is NOT a risk. You would have know if you entered your partner but whether you did or not, using a condom meant it was NOT a risk.

BTW, helpful tip: use more lube next time to prevent the condom from breaking. ;)

Hopefully, I have alleviated your fears as none of your actions were a risk for HIV.
Have a good day,

Reducing Your HIV risks:
With no exceptions, use condoms correctly and consistently for anal or vaginal intercourse
Talk to a healthcare provider about PrEP as another layer of protection

Get tested yearly for HIV and other STIs.
If you donít use condoms and/or PrEP, test more frequently

Some sexual practices described as safe in terms of acquiring HIV still pose a risk for other more easily acquired STIs. It is possible to show no signs or symptoms from an STI so testing is the only way to know.

Get tested at least yearly for STIs, including but not limited to HIV, and more frequently if condomless intercourse occurs.

Whatís the ONLY way to know if youíve been infected by HIV or an STI?
Get tested.


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