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Well... Here I am.

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           ojo.        Indeed good news!. Are otherwise how are you feeling?… Keep doing what you’re doing… please keep us posted… Hugs

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: Myrikal on May 23, 2024, 07:30:49 am ---I really appreciate you both taking the time to respond to me. I was feeling severly alone in this journey. I have been searching for an HIV support group in my area but my search results have not given me any results. So again, thank you.

--- End quote ---

Well if you like you can join our monthly calls:
It's mostly just chat and social talk.


I am almost at my three month mark after being diagnosed. I am now undetectable. All of the side effects from the medication have pretty much all gone away. I feel so much betthealth wise. Phew... what a whirlwind of emotion this journey has been.

Not only was I dealing with being newly diagnosed about a disease I knew very little about but I was also dealing with a broken heart at the same time. The individual who infected me is no longer in my life. I had zero closure with him which was another extremely hard thing to deal with as well. My life absolutely crashed and burned around me all at once..

But here I am almost three months later!

I met somebody that I can talk too and relate too! He was diagnosed almost eight months ago so like me we are both dealing with the new norm of our lives. This has made everything so much better for me because I needed somebody to talk to. Somebody who was also going through it. Like myself his relationship also ended when he was diagnosed.

So, for others who are just recently going through it. It's hard, it's scary and there is alot of fixing to do initially but don't give up. Things can and will get better!

Jim Allen:

Good update, glad to to hear you are feeling much better and have a friend to talk with.
Keep us posted  :)


          ojo.         @Myrikal, congratulations!!… We are glad to read that you had met the goal that makes all of us want to get after an hiv or aids dx. usually, after reading in our lab results undetectable make us realize that life goes on even with an HIV diagnosis… Again, congratula, remember that the formula to beat shady is discipline and taking your medication as prescribed and a good attitude , because we cannot change the past… Hugs


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