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Intro: Extra Biktarvy & DTG Headache


Hey all.  My numbers weren't improving and my doc switched my regimen recently from Biktarvy.  I've always tried to keep an extra bottle or three of my medications for when we travel, and now I have more than one bottle of this expensive medication.
Can anyone point me to someplace in Southern Arizona where I could donate this medication?  I'm not sure if this sort of post is allowed on Poz... apologies if I'm 'breaking the law'.

I've only recently switched to this combination, both of which have 'headaches' listed as possible SEs.  Well... I'm now subject to low grade, annoying headaches almost every day... just recently when I never used to be.  I know I'm really very lucky that this and a very slight change in daily regularity have been my ONLY apparent SEs, but I thought I'd put this out there, and ask of others who have experienced this... did you do/try anything other than analgesics which helped you out with the headaches?


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