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Hello. I just want to ask if anybody here is availing their HIV meds through Express script? My company sponsored Health insurance is tied up with them. And so I have no choice but to avail my biktarvy with them. The trouble
Is they are no longer accepting product coupons from manufacturers  from Gilead. Hence I  have to pay 300 dollars for every three months of my treatments. I was wondering if they accept funding from Ryan White program?


Are you able to submit an application to Gilead for reimburement for the copay that you will need to pay? 

i get my Rx filled at the local pharmacy and they can't get the Viiv card to work so I submit it for reimbursement.  It does take a few months to get paid back but could be an option to look at. 


           Ojo.          @PHILApoz, hi there!, I sent you a PM. I hope it can help you… Please keep us posted… Hugs


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