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Positive Last august 15

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Hello everyone

I am a new immigrant in America. I came here in January 2023 from Southeast Asia.
Last august I set an appointment with my primary physician and he ordered HIV screening. To my shock I turned out positive and subsequent tests was done and I found out that my viral load was 111, 364 and my cd4 count was already 84. I am assymptomatic but the diagnosis is already AIDS. I felt so terrible and lost. I could not sleep. I felt I was a disappointment to myself and family knowing that I will have this disability forever. I will also face possible discrimination especially I am working in the healthcare field. I never told anyone fearing of my
Discrimination save for my aunt.

 I was referred to an infectious disease physician and she ordered further labs. She has prescribed me to start BIKTARVY. The genome typing reveals that I have subtype AE version of the HIV-1 virus which is the predominant strain in SouthEast asia and has more virulent power. It added more to my depression. Good thing though the labs reveal the virus does not have resistance to anti retroviral drugs. I tried to hide it but the psychological impact of my diagnosis affected my work that I got reprimanded. At that point I wanted to kill myself. But I fought that idea hard.

I made other research concerning the laws on HIV, statistics and assistance. I was revealed that as of 2019 in our lecture in infectious disease the statistics shows that the mortality of HIV/AIDS has decreased to less than 1%. I also found this forum. Reading the various claim how their viral
Load went down fast and cd4 slowly rising I was somewhat reassured.

I started my first dose Of Biktarvy August 17. So it has been a 8 weeks since I am on BIKTARVY and my latest viral load is 57. That is fast considering im not even 2 months in my drug therapy!

Thank you for all your statements. It is difficult for me to find group support and therapy here (health counseling requires me to transfer my insurance ). The sorrow is still there but sharing your experience and your therapy responses gave me hope.

I am so glad to see that you are getting treatment and that your health has improved. You have a long and wonderful life ahead of you, and I hope you don’t let this diagnosis take away from that joy!

Hey thank you for reading and for your encouragement. Id like
To join in your peer support group. Can you send me info?


--- Quote from: PHLApoz on October 02, 2023, 05:10:09 pm ---I will have this disability forever.

--- End quote ---
while you may have HIV forever (there's no cure right now) you certainly won't be "disabled". Taking daily medications will get your viral load to undetectable and let your cd4s recover. Then you can go on with your life as you want and you'll be like millions of other people living with HIV for 30-40 yrs already. ;)  :D


                ojo.               Hello there!
… welcome to the forum… it’s normal, that you feel the way you are feeling, it takes time to digest the bad news but, you are going to be OK. Lots of us have been diagnosed with aids, and now, with the new medications nobody stays too long on that phase, just take your medication as prescribed and try to be positive now that you are positive, no pain intended… wishing you the best, you are not alone, we are here for you. Less be victors and not victims. It is what it is, it’s time to turn the page to live a normal life with a new virus under control…hugs


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