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Undetectable and newly undetectable


Hi Folks

I have a question that I canít seem to find an answer for with respect to undetectable and undetectable.
What I mean is I have been undetectable for over a decade now and a new friend of mine just became undetectable after six weeks of treatment. The question is, are we able to now have condomless sex and not be a concern for each others health with respect to reinfection or other possibilities.
I have found documentation with respect to waiting for six months if the newly undetectable person is having condomless sex with someone who is negative which I can understand, but what about if the partner is also undetectable. Your wisdom as appreciated.

Jim Allen:

You can't pass on HIV to them as your viral load in blood levels has been supressed too long and your genital fluids would therefore also be supressed.

The same can't be said for them as they are new to treatment and therefore in theory the risk is that you could acquire HIV Superinfection (reinfection). However, this would be rare enough, doubted by many for good reason and realistically it's not a real world concern and your meds would work as PrEP. PrEP has shown to have near 99% effectiveness, not to mention you are taking more meds than there are in PrEP.

A more realistic concern would be co-infection with another STI. So do consider condoms to reduce your risks, ask your doctor about getting vaccinated against STIs like HPV & Hepatitis B and test out of routine for STIs yearly.

after 6 months of being undetectable a person infected with HIV is no longer be able to transmit HIV.

At this point, your HIV meds work basically as PrEP. You could not be "reinfected" as your ARVs would kill off any new HIV transmitted to you. The only time "reinfection" could happen would be if you both were off meds and both had viral loads. At that point you wouldn't be "reinfected" but you could end up with HIV that is resistant to the meds your partner is resistant to.

Jim Allen:

@Cojo, hope our comments have helped clarified things.

You guys are awesome! Thank you for the information in Feedback it is exactly what I was looking for.


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