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Fallen Angel Update 21-08-2023

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So, I've been keeping a low profile since my last post in 2021.

this year I reached my 17-year living with HIV and to be honest I don't feel any different other than I had to change from Atripla to Trenvir due to the fact that my medical aid does not supply Atripla anymore so we had to change my meds. My current CD4 is 1096 and VL is still UD all other tests are normal.

This year I decided to enroll in two courses at the University of Cape Town and improve my skills and qualifications. First Course I did was in Bookkeeping which I passed and now I am doing a course in Imports, Exports and Logistics Management, this is a course I wanted to do since 2015 and now doing it.

Focusing on my health and wellbeing, career and have been single since 2017, I have recently started training again to better my health and training 5 days a week gives me something to work towards.

So far life has been good to me, and I have rekindled my relationship with my remaining family members since life is so short and can change in a blink of an eye. It has been quite an adjustment to move on after the loss of my parents and one of my siblings as she was very important to my life. But we have to move forward regardless and make the most of life since time stands still for no one.

Hopefully I will be more active and online now as I do believe that my inspiration is most of the people on here and my motivation to do better.

Hope to reconnect with everyone that have made an impact in my life on here.

Much Love to All


Jim Allen:

Not sure how I missed your 2021 post but I did and apologize.
Glad to hear that you are doing well and life is good, best of luck with the University courses.

Best jim


To be honest I don't know why I waited so long to do these courses. in 2015 when I wanted to do it the previous company, I worked for said there was no budget for me to upskill so I left it, then in 2020 our department was bought by a Romania Company again I was told the company will not pay so I paid for it myself, if I want to study, I have to invest in my own skills.

I don't regret doing it as it will give me leverage to look for a better paying job.



I think when I look back to the year 2006 when I was Diagnosed when I thought this is it my life is over, didn't know much about HIV neither did I ever read up on it until that day, I isolated myself from the world until 18 months later when I saw that I am living a healthier life than before that was when I started living again, accepting HIV and accepting that I can live a normal life. Here 17 years later and living the live I always wanted for myself, although I have lost many loved ones it has not changed my outlook on my own life.

Still have my ambition to do better and succeed in life.

Congratulations Ron.

The courses you have done we I'll set you up for a prosperous future.

Fitness is a good thing to work towards,  benefits for mind and body


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