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Itching face, scalp and back of neck.

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It’s been a month since started HAART, (biktarvy, bactrim, fluconazole & nystatin). Dx at CD4 72/Vl 63k. Only Oi so far was thrush pretty much gone. I am having and had some joint inflammation in my right elbow, but this is also where I had my distal bicep tendon torn and reattached awhile back. My wife has noticed red blotches on my nose and face that come and go. What I am experiencing is facial itching around nose eyes and cheeks also slightly on scalp and back of neck. On my last visit I mentioned this to ID dr and she said to keep and eye on this and it got her attention? She said to take Benedryl and let her know if it gets worse? Is this side effects from meds, latent infections that my immune system is now fighting any insight please. I see the ID doc in two weeks. Thanks


                ojo.            Hi there!…. you are taking an antibiotic, so, stay away from the sunshine, antibiotics, make the skin more sensitive, that could be it. Please keep us posted….hugs

You're on a basket load of medications.  The  only HAART is Biktarvy.

I had issues with Bactrim causing hives and rash massive solar sensitivity. 

Tonny might be right.

Keep a diary, including when you took each medication and also what you were doing on the day. A written diary is much more reliable than memory.

Curious if you still have any rash?  I would get flare ups on my face and arms hat would come and go every couple weeks.  Id feel the itch start via a light burning itching then id breakout for a day or two.  its hard to say what caused it but im tending to belie it was long term septrim use - 3 effects on 1) imbalanced gut.  I always would get facial rash with an acidic stomach or when on antibiotics (prior to diagnosis) 2) sensitive to sun or 3) fungal outbreak around facial hair edges, around nose and on brow.    Taking an anti histamine seemed to facilitate getting over these embarrasing episodes. Nizoral also seem to reduce after usage (possibly due to a fungal outbreak in my scalp around facial hair)   It got  so embarrassingly bad a few weeks ago after more sun than usual   i finally decide stop septrim after nearly 2 years.  I was on edge of doctors taking me off because of borderline CD4 -9 months above 200 slowly climbing. After stopping i havent had the rash come back with any if the same ferocity as before.   Hoping it turns out to have been the septrim! 


           ojo.              Hello there!… Usually when you are taking an antibiotic you’re supposed to be away from the sunshine because the skin becomes very irritated. Also, when you use antibiotics for so long, you might get toenail fungus. this Is What Happed the me opMe After  i lived witth aids ror five years

Taking several antibiotics.

Hopefully stopping the septrim
You will feel better. Hugs


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