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Robert F Kennedy blames Aids on poppers and claims chemicals turn kids trans



Never done poppers myself. But I did do a balloon of nitrous at a Dead show back in '88... Hmm?

Buckle down and stay tight folks, they're coming with sharpened pitchforks again

“There were people that were part of a gay lifestyle, they were burning the candle at both ends, …there were poppers on sale everywhere at the gay bars"
why, yes. that was exactly my life at 24. and it was awesome. however, it was that unprotected sex that got me the aids, and not poppers.

but this does remind me that I need to get a new bottle soon. For all their talk about what it does for bottoming, as a top it ain't too bad either.  ;) 8) Wonder how many bottles I've gone through since 1984?

Poppers don't cause HIV of course, but they might weaken the immune system a very few days after huffing them.

They are really good with weed. I don't think the combo can be beat for sex.

Poppers are also quite bad for real cherry furniture finishes... I had to pay for restoration due to dropping them on a nightstand once. I ended up getting glass tops for my bedside after that.

Huff away, but watch out for chemical burns on your nose end if you hold that older bottle to your skin too long. LOL.


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