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My 23 year old son was diagnosed HIV pos 10 days ago

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Something is definitely up. I couldn’t ask the medical staff the appropriate questions because he did not yet tell me that he was positive and had the nurses and doctors not mention it to me. I thought we were battling pneumonia literally until the day they released him and I went to pick up his meds and saw the Biktarvy. Another issue is he was in the hospital in NY now he is in CT. He said the hospital here has all the medical records. The doctor is coming in this morning to go over testing. Any suggestions in questions to ask? So confused at this point. Sounds like he has had it long than I was told or he found out. I don’t know but I agree something is up. These are symptoms of AIDS correct??

CD4 is 40

Jim Allen:
That makes a lot more sense, it's AIDS and that explains a lot.

Don't be surprised or worried if the doctors stop HIV treatment so they can focus on treating the other infections first before resuming HIV treatment at a later date.

Hope he feels better soon.


           ojo.             Hello there!… why don’t you tell is your son to join us?. have you shown him this forum? he will learn a lot by reading some of our members stories… your son has aids, and he needs ask for information and support. If he is not straightforward with you, maybe he can be it with us… I wish you the best, and please keep us posted, we are here for you and your son if he wants it… by the way.
Just make sure that he takes his medication as prescribed. That’s the only way that his viral load will be suppressed.

Let's see if I'm following your story correctly. Your son lives in another state and was sick in March. At some point, he was hospitalized and then released around the mid-part of May. He was given 7 days worth of Biktarvy, moved into your home, and that's when you started posting here 10 days after that. Now, it's been about another 10 or so days later and he has been re-hospitalized. Taking a long time to clear up pneumonia and having a recurrence in a short time is not unusual with any pneumonia.

If that timeline is correct, was he able to get a prescription of Biktarvy and not skip any days of taking meds since leaving the hospital?

--- Quote from: Jaz7days on June 11, 2023, 09:37:16 am ---Something is definitely up.

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You're really going to hate what I have to say now, so here goes:

There's probably nothing hinky going on here. What there is is a situation in which you don't know all the private personal health information about another adult and that's blocking you from knowing everything. However think about it, even though not knowing enough about the situation makes you feel like you're not helping enough, the fact that your son has returned to your home and that you're assisting him shows that you are indeed giving him a lot to help.

You can still continue to do that even if your son hasn't told you everything he knows about his situation. Legally it's none of your business. just saying. But maybe waiting for him to tell you all his health facts is just something you'll have to have some patience for.

Maybe your son is still processing all this. maybe he's scared/embarrassed/in denial/freaked out. Maybe he didn't pay attention to any of the details after he got to the point of realizing just how ill he was/is. Being in the hospital, having difficulty breathing, wondering if you'll live to see the rest of your life is a terrible, terrible situation. Your son is going through a lot right now. Something he might need to have right now is time - time to process this situation for himself; time to think about what to tell you, friends and family; and time to get better so he's not afraid of the worst happening. It's hard when you're in the middle of being a patient in a hospital.

It's also hard to be the caregiver (that's what you're doing right now) for someone in and out of the hospital. However, it's a thin line between being pushy, taking away a patient's self-worth/autonomy and doing everything you can to help. Just give it time and keep it in mind that the only thing that matters is your son getting better and leaving the hospital. How long he's been infected, what did he know and not tell you, whatever he feels about himself right now. None of that is important and all of that can wait until later. In reality, the situation is what it is and nothing can be changed about how y'all got to where things are. Right now keep encouraging him, supporting him and loving him.

Best wishes to your son for a speedy recovery! When you get him out of the hospital tell him that he's not allowed to go back ;) :D LOL


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