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I day dream so much


I wonder if I have ADHD. Is there anyone on here with ADHD?

Jim Allen:

Now, if you suspect ADHD you should speak to your doctor.  Prehaps talking to whoever is helping you with your bipolar disorder would be a good start.


Iím currently without a therapist or psychologist. I missed too many appointments that one place decided I canít be seen there any more. Which Iím fine with. They run slow on anything that matters. They wanted me to wait two weeks to speak with another therapist about ADHD.
So I have insurance, but I had to go to the website to look up therapists. I left messages with a few therapists. Iím still waiting for a call.
I guess everyone in Portland is seeing a therapist. Lol

I was undiagnosed for years.  It was tough.  Now I've got meds and they help. 
Talk to your doc.
I dream all the time..

Bubba hugs


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