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Jim Allen:
I have not seen all the details yet, but if correct it's a flop in terms of an HIV cure, even the one patient out of five reaching 16 weeks is nothing to praise with standard modern ART. *

Excision’s CRISPR-Based HIV Treatment Fails to Show Curative Potential in Early Study

--- Quote ---Excision BioTherapeutics’ attempt to use a CRISPR-based gene editing therapy to cure HIV has failed an early-stage study, according to several media reports on Friday.

Results from the Phase I trial of five patients showed that Excision’s CRISPR therapeutic did not strongly suppress the HIV virus. Three patients who were taken off of antiretroviral therapy soon developed viral rebound and needed to resume conventional treatments, according to reporting by STAT News.

Still, Excision’s approach did show signs of promise. One patient was able to keep the virus at bay for 16 weeks after stopping antiretroviral treatment before rebounding.
--- End quote ---

I'll keep my eyes open for more details when they become available and post them here.

* HIV Time to Viral Rebound After Interruption of Modern ART.

Jim Allen:
I see are now also reporting this update.

CRISPR HIV Gene Therapy Disappoints in Early Study

--- Quote ---EBT-101 recipients who stopped antiretrovirals experienced HIV viral rebound, but similar therapies may hold more promise for herpes and hepatitis B
--- End quote ---

Well tolerated but does not stop viral rebound.


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