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I found out back in Feb 18 I was HIV poz.  Started with Genvoya then they switched me to Bixtarvy.  I was undetectable in less than 18 days and have stayed in single digit VL since.  Cd4 has over doubled was I think 218 now over 600.  I have always been extremely fit, lean muscle. Organic eating. 
Since the start of the treatment I have   gained visceral fat and look like I have a beer gut.  I have been fatigued, weight gut gain etc.  I spoke with my dr now multiple times in regards to Serostim.  They flat our refuse to give it when I meet all the critique for it. I go to St Louis for treatment and found out that Gildean is a big sponsor of them. 
How can I get the Serostim?  My wife is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and said if she had to would prescribe it herself to me.  But looking for a new Dr or something to get this resolved any suggestions would be great.

Jim Allen:
Switching doctors can be a pain and the grass is not always greener on the other-side of the fence, did the doctor give you a reason for the refusal though?

I mean it must have been part of a conversation at least.


No. He just said that they don't prescribe that.  The nurse told me that they only prescribe medication made by Gildean.   They are partly funded by that company. Which is what I thought I already said.   


    ojo.     Hello there....seriatim was prescribed for wasting, I used it back when it was new on the market, it was so expensive, causing me awful side effects, nasty join pain. I guess if you don't have wasting syndrome, it will be more difficult to get...just a thought...good luck... hugs.               ojo         

Think they have changed recommended dosage.   Go to their website   It's doesn't talk about wasting but  several other items


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