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Jim Allen:
Watching "Back to the future" 1,2 & 3 tonight.

Anyone else watching anything good this weekend?


That sounds like a pretty good night to me.  What one do you like the best?

I've been watching Cheers on Netflix lately.  It's a slow process but I enjoy that series.  I even went to the Cheers in Boston back in August and it was awesome.  Yes it's odd for a 36 year old to be into Cheers but I am. 

But not watching anything worth while today.  Just got back from the gym so that was my fun.

Jim Allen:
1st one and the 3rd one equally. The 3rd one in the wild west is funny

Cheers  ;D Cheers is good, always me laugh.
I was watching "the good place" recently also funny and with Ted Danson

Jim Allen:
The blues brothers tonight and a Thai green curry takeaway to go with it 8)

I've been watching Vis a Vis for second time. It's like a Orange is the new black spanish version, lol.


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