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I have just discovered Noni Tahit. juice.....anyone else using it it ok to use???

It won't hurt you, it's another one of the natural juices that basically has lots of
natural vitamins in it that will not do your system any harm.
As for any specific claims well that's another story.

to my knowledge it's often compared to mangosteen or wolfberry juices all 3 of which  are basically fruit juices  high in antioxidants ...... some say "ick, too expensive" others say "worth every dime"

it'd be nice if you 'd give  your opinion here later on on if it helps you feel good and if you feel it's worth the price

water duck:
Steven is correct, there r natural vitamins in , there r also enzymes that r biocatalysts important for our metabolism. It contain also prexeronine & proxeroninase that helps fabricate xeronine who plays an important role in the construction & functioning of cells in the body.

Besides what allopathicholistic say about it being expensive, it taste horrible too : like rotten cheese , said 1 of my clients. It's something new, everybody must have it , it's chic.

If u eat 5 different type of fruits a day of different colours, u will be fine. Just go into the market & see what's in season, eat those first, then worse come to worse, stick to apples. U r saving on all these packeting, market & shops that need to take their cut.

U said u just discovered , have u taken it yet, or u just posting to check it out here on AM??
If u want to try, go ahead, good luck but buy the smallest bottle first :P u may be surprised about the taste.


Thanks for the replies..
I have bought a bottle in Miami and yes it does taste discusting..
Still, I like to try everything at least once..


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