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Educate me please 😊


Good evening to all.

A little bit of a strange one, and I apologise if I have posted this in the complete wrong forum.

I am a secondary school teacher in the UK and part of my pastoral role is ensuring our pupils are physically and emotionally supported and educated.

I am due to deliver a talk to 120 pupils in their final year about sexuality and understanding physical relationships.

As a gay man, I am hugely passionate about HIV education and STD prevention. Even though I consider myself to be moderately knowledgable about HIV and the transmission risks, there is something that confuses me and I can't for the life of me find any accurate information on it... Here's where you guys come in. I was wondering whether you could clarify something for me.

I'm aware that unprotected receptive oral sex carries a significantly low risk of HIV transmutation with only a handful of "supposed" documented cases throughout the epidemic. However I am also aware of the fact that having an STI as the receiver or giver of oral sex, increases transmission.

Could you please explain how this works? How do different STIs increase the risk. Gonnorea and Syphilis for example? If an active STI is present in either partner does ejaculating in the mouth increase risk and avoiding ejaculation decrease risk even with an active STI?

I am delivering a talk on Monday and I really don't want to be providing my kids with half hearted, weak information regarding this.

Kind Regards AJ.

Jim Allen:
The why part I always understood to be more about human behaviour, as other STI's are far easier to transmit than HIV, and so I always thought this idea was just based on statistics of having HIV & an STI rather than true biology . Now I had a quick look and the CDC does mention this, however it's not much more detailed than I mentioned but it might be a start ... (Why does having an STD put me more at risk for getting HIV?)

Now you know I am going to say that oral transmission is highly rare / theoretical anyway without something else going on such as high VL combined with having severe case of meth head, or bad active open wounds, etc. and in terms of BJ's there hasnít been a single documented case of HIV transmission to an insertive partner (the person being "sucked").

Anyhow good luck on Monday, I hope you can squeeze in a mention about PEP, PrEP and TaSP and also about how HIV is not transmitted (Links are in my signature)


Absolutely golden information.

I will be sure to check out the links in your signature section. It's currently 10PM here in England and I'm glued to my laptop putting a PowerPoint presentation together. Sigh.

Thanks again for all your help 😊


Jim Allen:
Ireland is in the same time zone. :-)

Your welcome.


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