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i was diagnosed with hiv during may 2003 and have maintained an undetectable viral load since july 2004 using the combivir and sustiva regimen. i recently made the switch to triumeq at the recommendation of my specialist, because aside from being a one a day situation, she said it is easier on liver and kidney function. i started taking triumeq on jan 16. i have not experienced any adverse side effects in the last two weeks.

since then i have entered into a relationship with someone who is seronegative. we have used condoms for anal sex and only once without protection (but i did not ejaculate inside of him). i have ejaculated into his mouth. everything that i have read and understand about undetectable viral load is that the transmission rates are very low/almost nonexistent, particularly with oral sex, and also decreased with anal.

my new boyfriend speaks english but his first language is spanish. i was hoping that someone might be able to provide articles in spanish that i could show him about undetectable viral load and decreased risk of transmission.



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