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Hi all,
I had met with few male sex worker past few weeks ago, not group sex.
Each time met with different sex worker.
I am top and the sex worker are bottom.

We start with massage. Then sex worker give me blowjob, suck my cock and ass.
Then, he help me to put up condom n we start intercourse...
After cum, he helped me to remove the condom and we checked the condom not broke.
After that, we hug each other and I rub on his cock or his back side, then cum second time. This second time no wear condom since I not enter the anal.

1. Am I in HIV risk?
2. I do not know the status of the masseur, is oral sex can cause HIV transmission?
3. Based on above, Protected anal sex having low risk or no risk?
4. I plan to get tested. What is the test I should take and when to conclude above? My last sex on 15 dec I feel guilty and want to stop all this...
Pls advise...

Joe K:
You can relax as you never had a risk.  Protected intercourse is not a risk for infection and an intact condom means no risk.  Oral sex is also not a risk for infection and you do not need to test over this incident.

If you wish to test for peace of mind, use one of the inexpensive HIV antibody tests as they are extremely reliable.  Guidelines are to test at 6 weeks past any incident and then at 13 weeks to confirm the result.  There are some tests that can give you results in shorter time frames and you can read about testing here: Testing Information.


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I would like to ask is it safe for a men having protected sex with men to participate in blood donation campaign? If yes, how long is the safe period can donate blood?is it need to confirm HIV free then only can donate? Pls advise...

1, Understood. I mean when then I can participate in blood donation? After I tested negative after 3months of exposure? Or forever I can't donate blood even I do not have riSK of HIV?
2, How about a gay men with protected sex also can't donate blood?

Any comment on the last comment?


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