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I had a question regarding HIV testing and flu vaccinations. I read a recent flu vaccination can result in a false-positive HIV test. Is this information still accurate? If so, what is considered recent? 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months? Is there a specific window of time you should wait to get tested after being vaccinated?

Additionally, should you refrain from completing an HIV test if you have or are getting over the flu?

Any information you can provide on this topic is helpful. All of the research seems to be outdated.

Thank you!

Andy Velez:
Hi Gavin,

There is a small risk (I repeat SMALL RISK) of a false positive anti-body test result if someone is being screened for HIV after receiving an influenza vaccine shot. In these very rare cases in the past, an indeterminate western blot has often been the first indicator that something is amiss and testing should be repeated.

This is especially true for anyone who is unable to identify having had any significant risk factors for HIV.

Today, the first blood draw for viral load is an excellent confirmatory test. If someone tests positive using a 4th generation assay, it's important to note that the sensitivity and specificity of these tests is quite robust. If there is no detectable virus, a good health provider will investigate further and hold off before beginning antirotroviral therapy.


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