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Found this calculator through a link on poz treatment news back in October...

It was interesting but did not include risk for straight sex (vaginal).. also according to the calculator there is always a risk even when condoms and prep was used, a very, very small risk but a still a risk.

Jeff G:
I appreciate everyone's interest in this forum, its great its been recognized . It still is a work in progress so I am going to ask that only moderators and new members with PrEP questions post in this forum . This was our intention all along and why the welcome thread for this forum has this included in the posting guidelines ...

Only those Moderators and members who are authorized to answer questions in the How Can I Prevent HIV? forum are permitted do so. Unauthorized responses may be deleted without permission of the poster. Repeatedly posting replies of this nature may result in a Time Out or permanent ban, at the discretion of the Moderator Team.

We let you guys post in here just to get the ball rolling but now I think its time for this forum to go the way of AM I INFECTED and not be an open forum and limited to who can participate . Thanks for your cooperation .     

Oooops! :-[

Jeff G:

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No opps ... no one else thought to read the welcome thread either LOL .


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