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It's nice to see this new addition.


It's a good idea and I would bet this part of the forum will be helpful to many that never had a specific place to post about prevention questions. Good job mod squad!

It is awesome! Funny enough I forgot about this new place and asked question to another member.

Jeff G:
Thanks guys . It was important to us that the information on PEP and PrEP be brought out of the lessons section and placed up front in a promanate place . As we all know from living with HIV how exciting it is that the life saving meds we take also prevent the ones we love from the virus treatment is prevention .

We are more than a support forum and whether you know it or not each and every one of us teach somebody about HIV every time we post . You can make no doubt about it we have avid readers who follow us and learn . If you look at the stats page and who is online its easy to see that those of us that participate are a faction of who is online and using the site for educational purposes at any one moment .

We are still talking about the direction of this forum so for time being I will leave this thread open . Im leaning towards asking the new members who post in this forum to only post in this forum same as the rules for AM I INFECTED . When that happens we will ask that only moderators and people that are authorized to post in this forum do so . 

agreed, this forum serves a higher purpose, and can do better

anything we do to stay relevant is a good move

Andy Velez:
I'm happy to see these initial responses as we add this essential new aspect to the Forums.




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