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How many of you take anti-depressants?

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I have wondered how widespread the use of anti-depressants is amongst HIV pos people.

I myself have been on Prozac for about 1 year.



Lexapro.... it takes away the anger and lets me feel happy, but intensifies my feeling of being exhausted all the time.

I was prescribed Zoloft in January, but I haven't taken them.  I prefer talk therapy -- will be hooking up with a new therapist here in KC very soon.  So, to answer the question Herman -- NO, I'm not taking any, but I know there are many who are.

I take Zoloft, but I was diagnosed with depression when I was 19 (I am now 39), and have been on and off meds as needed since then, along with seeing a therapist. I was diagnosed + when I was 26, so I have been on anti-depressants prior to be +. But since being on HAART, I have had difficulty finding an anti-depressant that works well for me, and does not react to the hiv meds, especially Norivir.

Tar Heel:
I've been on prozac for 10+ years and think they should spike the tap water with the stuff.


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