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Who will pay in California

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You're welcome.  And do keep me/us posted.  All patients with lipo in California have an interest in the outcome of your case.  We need to see how these laws are interpreted.

Dear John,

I got a response back from our Staff Nurse this afternoon.  I knew I would because we are also good friends.  He did check with my Doctor and found there was no funding available.  This is not surprising because it is a small non-profit clinic, operated by the County in Santa Rosa.

I did get a referral to a Dr. Conant in San Francisco, do you know of him?  I was told he does Sculptura at a greatly reduced price.  My thinking is this may be their unofficial way of saying, go to him and he will push the paperwork through Medi-Cal.

I was talking to another friend on one of the committees I serve on today.  He is trying to get Lyposuction on his chin and his belly because of the effects the meds have had on his appearance over the years.  I started sharing information with him today after our talk in the hallway.  Have the best day

Dr. Marcus Conant is well-known.  In fact, he's in Randy Shilts's book about the early years of AIDS, "And the Band Played On."  I havent' been to him personally, but he has been recommended to me also.  

Did you check with Dermik to see if you qualified for the Sculptra patient assistance program?  It sounds like you would.  I believe there is information about it posted somewhere here in this forum.

Thank you John,

I'm in really good hands here, I already know I can qualify and will start the paperwork next week.  I should burn a copy of the TV show and send that with my application letter.  Thank you ever so much


Glad to hear the good news.  I understand that Dermik will make Sculptra available at greatly reduced cost.   Not sure about the doctor's fee for the actual injections.  Just make sure that Medi-Cal pays for whatever the doctor charges. 

Good luck.



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