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Dear John,

I was awake most of the night after reading your post about Dr. Conant being in Randy Shilts book.  There was a most interesting woman in my life named Mrs. Conant, she was the librarian in our high school and since I was such the book worm, she was always pointing out reading material that I would enjoy.  She taught me about finding reference material, the Dewey Decimal system.  As I recall, she introduced me to J.D. Sallinger's "Catcher in the Rye."

Mrs. Conant drove a new Dodge Charger (a muscle car) and her son, who was studying to become a doctor, put mag wheels on that car.  Sometimes the world gets really small and I wonder if Dr. Marcus Conant is the son of Mrs. Emma Conant.  Anyway, I have this compulsion to contact Dr. Conant.  Have the best day

I've had a few Sculptra treatments so far with great success and have managed to get some insurance coverage but am now stalled out because the pharmacy will only order 3 treatments at a time. So far, I've ordered treatments (2 vials per) at $1600 a pop but can't swing three and don't have anyone else locally who is interested.

What are the buyer's clubs you mentioned?

Dear Bobino:  Please email me at :
Who Dermik?--Sorry for this public post but there is no way to contact you within this site?  I am new so I guess I am asking for two bits of information?  Sorry!
Sincerely yours,


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