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Hi Everyone ,

I read about being reviewed for SSDI, and I have a few questions that maybe you can help me understand.

Does the SSA pick and choose what cases to be reviewed. I say that , because a friend of mine has been on SSDI for 9 years, and never got a review, and his 1st award letter said " 3 years 'til a review".

Others have told me it is standard to be reviewed, but, with HIV, they continue your benefits. And some have said, if you are better than you were when you first applied, they will deny your benefits.

So this is why I am confused , there are so many different scenario's.

Please advise and thank you in advance,


Dan J.:
Reviewing your medical condition All people receiving disability benefits must have their medical conditions reviewed from time to time. Your benefits will continue unless there is strong proof that your condition has improved medically and that you are able to return to work.

Frequency of reviews
How often your medical condition is reviewed depends on how severe it is and the likelihood it will improve. Your award notice tells you when you can expect your first review.

Medical improvement expected—if your condition is expected to improve within a specific time, your first review will be six to 18 months after you ­started getting disability benefits.
Improvement possible—if improvement in your medical condition is possible, your case will be reviewed about every three years.
Improvement not expected—if your medical condition is unlikely to improve, your case will be reviewed only about once every five to seven years.
What happens during a review?
We will send you a letter telling you that we are conducting a review. Soon after that, someone from your local Social Security office will contact you to explain the review process and your appeal rights. The Social Security representative will ask you to provide information about your medical treatment and any work that you may have done.

A team consisting of a disability examiner and a doctor will review your file and request your medical reports. You may be asked to have a special examination. We will pay for the examination and some of your transportation costs.

When a decision is made, we will send you a letter. If we decide that you still are disabled, your benefits will continue.

If we decide you no longer are disabled and you ­disagree, you can file an appeal. If you decide not to appeal the decision, your benefits will stop three months after we decide that your disability ended.

You can call Social Security @ 1-888-325-0778 & they can tell you when your next review is. I just talked to them about myself. I am sceduled for for my next review in 2010. Or every 7 years+.  the best way to find out about your specific case would be to call them or go by your local Social Security office.

Hope this helps.


PS: Your little puppy dog is precious!

Hi Dan ,

Thank you for the information. I did read that on the s.s. web site .
I will call the number you gave me and see what's up.

Will 2010 be your 1st review? What are the chances of an HIV+ person being denied?
My #'s have been in the same ball park as they were when I was approved for SSDI.
I still battle with fatigue, bouts of depression, etc.

Let me know, and the puppy sends a little kiss   :-*

Dan J.:
2010 will be my first medical review since I started drawing SSDI in 2003.

Hey Frankie,

I have just over 11 years of SSDI, SSA or one of the SS's and have never been reviewed.  This question has been raised by other Forum members in the past and apparently some are reviewed.

I would question the thought process of the government if they expected a perso who has been on disablity for X number of years to re-enter the job market and get a job with a hole in employment history.  Masybe it is a joke but I do not believe the SSA has a sense of humor that they are aware of.  Have the best day


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