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Anyone Kicked Off Of SSDI?

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After reading Dan J.'s problem with the SSDI tit, I've got some questions.  I've also been on SSDI since 2003 and my time with the tit is not quite over.  I still need it for a little while.  But Social Security might not agree as I'm up for a periodic evaluation in the next 90 days.  Has this happened to you? What's it like?  Are they as tough on renewal as they were in the initial application for it?  I was practically living on the street in those days and would like to avoid the experience happening again.  Your experiences whatever they have been would be more than useful.

Thanks in advance.

I personally have not been on ssdi but, I know of several people who have been cut and had to return to work. I have also known others who never lived long enough to recieve their ssdi for its a drawn out process... With the new meds etc... haart one will find it difficult to remain on ssdi for long periods... with the cutting and limitations of funding it would be the last alternative... I also know of several people trying to return to work and finding it diffcult to find gainful employment... Hopefully someone else will have more insight on this matter...

Dan J.:
I was reading the SSI website last night. I am due for my review sometime this year also. I will go back & look for the page & post a link here. I don't have time right now I have a Doctors appointment.

Be back later...


Miss Philicia:
PozitivelyColorado, I'm sure it can vary from office to office with renewals.  I recall researching all of this 2 years ago and it was helpful to know what type of renewal form you were issued.  I recall there being 2-3 possibilities.  I eventually went to my case manager (one at my doctor's office, not the local ASO) and he assisted me and there were no issues.

Here's an article from 2000 in The Body, sorry it's not more current.

Queen Tokelove:
I have been on SSDI since 2002 and I'm sure they have done their review or whatever but I have never been notified about it. I will say not that I can remember.... ;D


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